Lyric-to-Line Soundtrack Commentary

WARNING: Major Curtain Twitching Ahead!

For all my closet intelligencers who delight in clocking that suspicious detail and thrill at connecting the dots before the story's intended reveal, I give you... the lyric-to-line commentary. 

Now, none of the musings that follow are meant to convey concepts not already expressed in the specific book related to its commentary. However... these commentaries are tagged with a SPECULATIVE SPOILER WARNING because (as you've surely noticed) the books in the Intersection series are infused with copious covert clues, easter eggs, sleeper seeds, and other subtle signals which ground the notional threads firmly pinned to future reveals. So, naturally, the commentaries' insights are bound to shine a light on a clue or two that initially snuck past you.

There's nothing wrong with that. To breeze past a seed planted in book 1 that is scheduled to bloom in book 4 doesn't diminish your thorough enjoyment of book 1. Nor will it compromise your understanding or enjoyment of book 4 (...though you may experience a reveal as a roller-coaster-like twist, rather than an "ah-ha" moment, but that's okay too—people like roller coasters.)

Bottom line, the soundtrack commentaries are simply meant to be a fun and unconventional way to draw attention to what’s already there on the page (albeit some of it between the lines). Think of it as a guided musical reconnaissance exercise.

And... if you are planning to participate in any of the clue hunting contests later, these may become a handy instrument in your intelligence toolkit.


  • Conflict of Intrigues—book 1 lyric-to-line commentary (in development)
  • Desert Storm Warning—book 2 lyric-to-line commentary (coming soon)
  • Third Degree Byrne—book 3 lyric-to-line commentary (TBD)
  • Operation Watch Fob—book 4 lyric-to-line commentary (TBD)
  • Operation Collusion Course—book 5 lyric-to-line commentary (TBD)
  • Operation Crash and Byrne—book 6 lyric-to-line commentary (TBD)

Conflict of Intrigues Lyric-to-Line Commentary

 A few preliminary notes...



Days Gonna Come — The Fureys

CHAPTER 1―Lost in Fraught

My Hero — Foo Fighters

CHAPTER 2―Authors Anonymous

Katherine — Simon Apple

Intrigue — Toby

You Fascinate Me So — Mark Murphy

CHAPTER 3―Reconnaisance Rendezvous

(Here's To) the Ghosts of the Past — Dot Dash

I've Just Seen A Face Jason Consolacion

CHAPTER 4―Querying Quercus

Follow the Clues — Zoo Trippin'

You've Got Something I Want — Blossom Dearie

Aristotle — HawkBaby

You Fascinate Me So — Blossom Dearie

CHAPTER 5―Quid Pro Quo

I've Been Seeing Things — They Might Be Giants

Tea For Two — Blossom Dearie

Hey John — Monica Ramey

CHAPTER 6―Delicate Disclosure

In the Clues —Martin Wardley

Stuck In the Middle Again — Curtis Smith

Trouble Me  — Megan Joy

CHAPTER 7―More Complicated Lane

Help — Ed Payne

Stuck in the Middle with You — Karizma Duo

CHAPTER 8―Chemistry Lesson

What Are You Hiding — The Bullocks

CHAPTER 9―Major Help

Stuck In the Middle — Adam Harvey (feat. Guy Sebastian)

What Are You Hiding — Podplays (feat. New Hope Honkytonk Revival Band)

CHAPTER 10―Predictably Unpredictable

Stuck in the Middle with You — Amy & Stuart

Man Behind the Curtain — The Bears

I Like You, You're Nice — Janet Seidel

Trouble — Cage the Elephant

CHAPTER 11―Pay No Attention

Trouble Me — Gabriel Mann

Deep End — Ruelle


Stuck in the Middle with You — The Penguins Band

Some Other Time — Blossom Dearie

All of the Above — Slowrush

Warm Whispers — Missy Higgins

CHAPTER 13―The Man

Like Someone in Love — Bruno Major

You'd Better Go Now — Diana Panton (feat. Don Thompson)

CHAPTER 14―Behind the Curtain

Someone Following Me — Freddie Steady KRC

I've Just Seen a Face — Victoria Lanser

Life In Her Yet — Rag'n'Bone Man

CHAPTER 15―Planes, Trains and Artful Reveals

Moonlight Kiss — Bap Kennedy

Desert Storm — Rhett Robertson

CHAPTER 16―Strangers on a Train

Lucky to Be Me — Mark Winkler

Storm Coming — Once Monsters

Desert Storm Warning Lyric-to-Line Commentary (coming soon)



Third Degree Byrne Lyric-to-Line Commentary (TBD)